NYC, LA, Seattle, Boston & Other Cities Contributed To Report Released Today

Coast-To-Coast, Cities Applaud New American Task Force Recommendations To Advance The Economic, Linguistic & Civic Integration

NEW YORK – Following the release of a White House Task Force report on New American integration, Cities United for Immigration Action hailed its recommendations, which were shaped by contributions from cities including New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle. By outlining the federal government's goals to strengthen its immigrant integration efforts nationwide, today’s report and its recommendations represent a strong framework to advance our nation’s cultural diversity and shared economic prosperity.

The following statement can be attributed to Cities United For Immigration Action, a coalition of over 90 cities and counties that stand in support of stronger cities through immigration reforms.

“The Task Force's recommendations provide a smart framework to advance the economic, linguistic and civic integration of new Americans into every aspect of our society. From Boston to Los Angeles to New York to Seattle, cities worked in close collaboration to contribute to this report, and we are thrilled that it reflects the lessons from our shared experiences on the front lines. Our cities are taking action, and looking forward to the full implementation of President Obama's executive actions on immigration, which are critical to the continued growth of our economy and the vitality and strength of our communities.”

The report’s recommendations include a detailed roadmap to achieve the following goals:

Building Welcoming Communities

Strengthening existing pathways to naturalization and promoting civic engagement

Supporting skill development, fostering entrepreneurship and small business growth, and protecting New American workers

Expanding opportunities for linguistic integration and education

Earlier this month, as part of Cities United for Immigration Action, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti led the effort to organize more than 70 cities and counties, the National League of Cities, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors in arguing that the national public interest is served clearly and overwhelmingly by implementing immigration relief by executive action without delay.  These cities and counties – representing 43 million people across the country – argued that the district court judge who temporarily blocked implementation of the President’s executive action on immigration failed to consider the significant harms to America’s local governments caused by this delay. Through CUIA, America’s cities and counties are shaping the national debate, working together to welcome and embrace new immigrants in support of the President’s executive action on immigration.