Actions Include Workshops, Rallies, Press Conferences, Training Sessions, Hearings & Other Events

Events Taking Place In NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Seattle & Hartford

Cities Take Action To Prepare For Implementation Of President’s Executive Actions On Immigration

 – On the day President Obama’s executive actions on immigration were to go into effect, cities across the nation are hosting events in preparation for the reforms. In recent months, mayors have joined forces with over 70 cities and counties as part of Cities United for Immigration Action, a coalition that is leading the effort to promote and execute the President’s reforms nationwide.

Cities highlighted their work in preparation of the implementation of the President’s executive actions on immigration. Actions hosted by cities taking place nationwide include:

New York City – There will be an evening town hall and training session where community leaders will share the importance of implementation readiness and document collection along with training opportunities.

Los Angeles – There will be a press conference on Tuesday May 19 with local organizations, and 70 pro-bono attorneys will be trained to host a free legal screening event with the Mexican-American Bar Association on May 30. It is expected to reach over 700 residents.

Boston – There will be a massive event scheduled for May 30 to screen 300 individuals; the city will also hold press conferences to promote the screening event and discuss implementation readiness.

Seattle – The Mayor’s Office will launch a new immigrant resource website, announce a funding opportunity for local organizations to implement the President’s reforms, enhance education and outreach efforts with media tools such as PSAs, and support efforts to increase the number of immigrant applicants.

Hartford – The City Council will be holding a hearing on its municipal ID proposal, highlighting implementation readiness, and how document collection is good practice for future immigration reforms.

Denver – Local organizations will hold a press conference and the city will launch a hotline for immigration action and citizenship services.
In April, as part of Cities United For Immigration Action, 73 cities and counties filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging immediate implementation of the new actions.

CUIA is a coalition of city governments that stands in support of stronger cities through immigration action. Through CUIA, America’s mayors are shaping the national debate, working together to welcome and embrace new immigrants in support of the President’s executive action on immigration.

For more information on the actions cities are taking, contact CUIA at:  www.citiesforaction.us