Cities United For Immigration Action Highlights Events Taking Place In NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, San Jose & Other Cities

NEW YORK – On the one-year anniversary of President Obama taking executive action on immigration, which will provide temporary relief from deportation and work authorization to millions of immigrants, cities across the nation are hosting events to mark these historic reforms. While the President’s executive actions on immigration are being challenged in court, cities are moving forward on their efforts to support immigrants.

Nearly 100 cities and counties have joined forces as part of Cities United for Immigration Action (CUIA), a coalition that is leading the effort to promote and advance the President’s immigration reforms nationwide. Earlier this year, cities and counties in CUIA – representing 43 million people across the country – filed two friend-of-the-court briefs arguing that the district court judge who blocked implementation of the new immigration programs failed to consider the significant harms to America’s local governments caused by this delay.

A sampling of actions hosted by cities taking place nationwide includes:

New York - The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, along with labor, faith, and community-based organizations, is organizing a week of action that will include a special screening of ELLIS, a film that tells the story of immigrants who were denied access to the United States, as well as workshops to empower undocumented immigrants and forums to support immigrants pursuing citizenship. Additionally, immigrant rights groups will hold a press conference at City Hall.

Boston - Mayor Walsh will sign and issue a proclamation to mark the anniversary of the Executive Actions on immigration as “Keep Immigrants and their Families Together Day,” and will organize a Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) information session in coordination with local organizations.

Pittsburgh - Mayor Peduto's “Welcoming Pittsburgh” initiative will highlight the story of a community member who had benefitted from DACA as a way to illustrate how President Obama's expanded DACA and DAPA programs would offer opportunities for cities like Pittsburgh to not only retain, but also uplift residents to thrive and contribute.

San Jose - Mayor Liccardo, the city manager, and city council members will join local immigration advocacy organizations to mark the anniversary of the Executive Actions on immigration with a rally for families at the San Jose City Hall.

Atlanta - The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant affairs in partnership with city council members and community-based organizations organized a global panel discussion representing Atlanta’s diverse foreign-born population, accompanied by a special screening of the short film ELLIS.

Seattle - The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs and the Deputy Mayor will join local immigration advocacy organizations at the U.S. District Court in Seattle to call for relief for families.

As a national advocacy coalition, CUIA stands in support of stronger cities through immigration action. CUIA mayors are shaping the national debate, working together to welcome and embrace new immigrants, and promoting legal and community-based efforts in support of the President’s executive actions on immigration.

For more information on the actions cities are taking, contact CUIA at: www.citiesforaction.us