20/08/10 – Cities for Action Statement on Need for Immigrant Inclusive Provisions in the Next COVID-19 Relief Package

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Cities for Action, a coalition of over 200 mayors and county executives, expresses deep concern with the Senate’s proposed COVID-19 relief package and continues our support of the inclusive relief measures contained in the HEROES Act, passed in the House in May. 

At cities and counties, we have felt firsthand the enormous contributions and the deep pains of our immigrant residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. As studies have shown, our immigrant residents, especially undocumented ones, risk their health to work in essential occupations at higher rates than native-born citizens. As has been widely reported, our immigrant residents have also borne the brunt of the pandemic’s impact, both in rates of infection and in economic losses, making it more imperative than ever that they be afforded critical care and support.  

The Coronavirus relief package in the HEROES Act, which the House passed over two months ago, laid a strong foundation for including and supporting our immigrant communities. On the other hand, the HEALS Act, proposed by the Senate, completely ignores the needs of the immigrant community.

Cities for Action strongly believes that we cannot effectively recover from this pandemic if large segments of our essential workforce and community continue to be denied vital support and access to care. We strongly urge Congress to reject the HEALS Act and ensure the final funding package includes critical provisions of the HEROES Act  that will make our immigrant communities healthier, and in turn, all of us healthier.

  1. Include all immigrants and their citizen family members in financial relief, including stimulus, unemployment benefits, rental assistance, and hazard pay.
  2. Provide everyone, regardless of immigration status, access to testing and treatment for COVID-19.
  3. Ensure automatic extension of work authorization for DACA recipients, TPS holders, and essential workers so they can continue to contribute to our communities without fear and when we need their contribution the most.

Cities for Action will continue to advocate for the health and safety of our immigrant communities during this crisis because inclusive relief will make all of us more resilient.

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