Cities for Action leaders are creating stronger and safer cities by driving the national debate, embracing new immigrants, and engaging with stakeholders to win on immigration policies. As a national advocacy coalition, Cities for Action stands in support of stronger cities through immigration action and is guided by the following principles: 

  1. Create an inclusive, humane and timely path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and secure resources to support local implementation.
  2. Reunite families by eliminating visa backlogs in the family immigration system.
  3. Support local economies by facilitating immigration that will help U.S. businesses grow, stay competitive, and create more opportunity for all.
  4. Protect workplace rights for workers regardless of immigration status, and uphold labor standards for all.
  5. Support sensible local policies and community policing, and enforcement that prioritizes serious public safety threats.
  6. Ensure due process protections for immigrants facing removal from the United States, including humane alternatives to detention, access to counsel and judicial review, and judicial discretion for humanitarian cases.
  7. Advocate for and allocate necessary resources for economic, social and civic integration programs that empower immigrants and strengthen their communities.
  8. Work to reduce financial, language, and informational barriers to citizenship.
  9. Increase protections for and minimize obstacles to refugees and asylum seekers fleeing various forms of crisis.
  10. Commit to secure necessary resources to ensure the successful resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers into local communities.