Mayor's Challenge

As a municipal leader and a member of Cities for Action, I stand with my peers from across the country in support of stronger, safer and more economically prosperous cities and counties through immigration action.

I pledge to do the following:

Engage with the coalition to lead a pro-immigrant national agenda.
Cities for Action members participate in coalition activities to drive the national narrative forward on immigration reform, as well as to defend against policy proposals that may be harmful to immigrant communities and the cities where they live. Our municipal leaders advocate to federal officials to take up legislative and policy initiatives to fix our broken immigration system, and to
realize the economic, social and cultural potential of our diverse immigrant communities.

Share best practices on immigrant integration.
The coalition creates a unique space where mayors and municipalities exchange innovative tactics that enhance immigrant integration at the local level. These efforts include investing in citizenship programs, pursuing municipal identification programs, ensuring quality legal access for immigrant residents, and more. Implementation of local policies and programs is essential
for making a measurable impact, and continues to demonstrate how mayors and county leaders forge ahead on immigrant integration.

Build our capacity for action.
New coalition members grow our ranks and amplify our collective voice. Recruitment of these members is strategic and deliberate, and reflects the values of our diverse municipalities, which are united by the universal benefits of effective immigration action.


Join us as a fellow leader of Cities for Action.