For Immediate Release: January 19, 2017
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The following statement can be attributed to Cities for Action, a national coalition of over 100 mayors and county executives in support of immigrant inclusion: 

Over the past two years, more than 100 cities and counties have advocated for inclusive immigration policies and programs. Our cities and counties - representing over 55 million people across the country – are leveraging our resources and power to push for the changes our communities deserve. As we transition to a new presidential administration, Cities for Action mayors and county executives renew their commitment to driving the national debate, embracing new immigrants, and engaging with stakeholders to win on immigration policies.

Select accomplishments by Cities for Action in 2016 include:

Calling on the Administration to review TPS designations

Mayors and county leaders in the coalition called upon the administration to review Temporary Protected Status designations, especially for immigrants who could not return safely to their countries of origin. DHS announced on 1/4/17 that the Secretary of Homeland Security would re-designate Yemen for TPS and on 1/17/17 would re-designate Somalia for TPS.

Proposing Steps the Administration could take to protect DACA recipients

Cities for Action members submitted a letter to the administration to take additional steps to support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients and to protect the privacy of their information. The Secretary of Homeland Security, on 1/3/17, declared the importance of maintaining the privacy of the data and not using it for enforcement purposes.

Calling on the Administration to dismantle the NSEERS program

Members of Cities for Action led a call with the White House to ask the administration, amongst several issues, to end the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System program. On 12/22/16, the Administration ended the failed program.

Filing Amicus Briefs in support of the President’s executive actions

Cities for Action filed amicus briefs in support of the President’s executive actions at every stage of the U.S. v Texas litigation. 118 mayors and county leaders – representing 55 million people - ultimately signed onto and filed a friend-of-the-court amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court.

Leading a Webinar on Community-based Immigration Legal Services

Cities for Action hosted a webinar on the most important learnings from the ActionNYC program, a citywide community-based immigration legal services initiative designed to provide New Yorkers with immigration legal services in neighborhoods where they live in the languages they speak. The webinar was followed by the release of the ActionNYC toolkit to provide information to other cities planning and implementing legal services initiatives.

­Statement on ICE Raids

Cities for Action members unequivocally voiced our concerns about reported ICE raids and committed to work with service providers and city services to provide the representation that immigrants deserve.


IN previous years, Cities for Action led crucial efforts to fight back against anti-sanctuary city legislation which would have threatened federal funding to cities and millions of dollars of community development and criminal justice funding. Cities for Action also hosted a municipal ID convening and supported several cities in the development of their municipal IDs.

Cities for Action will continue to advocate for changes to immigration policies at the federal level. We will also implement programs and further strengthen our work and relationships with non-governmental organizations and community based organizations. Our cities are powerful because of our diversity and unity. We will continue to protect and serve all the people we represent.