20/07/30 - Cities for Action Statement Condemning the Department of Homeland Security's New Memo on DACA

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Even in the face of a resounding defeat at the Supreme Court and overwhelming bi-partisan support for the DACA program nationwide, the Trump Administration is refusing to follow the rule of law and restore the DACA program to its original state. 

The Administration's lawless action--rejecting all new DACA applications and limiting the DACA renewal period to just one year--places in limbo the lives of over 650,000 current DACA recipients and those of the over 300,000 DACA eligible youth around the country. As local government leaders, we have witnessed firsthand the enormous contributions of these young immigrants to our communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients are working as essential workers.  

We strongly urge Congress to take immediate action to include automatic extensions of work authorization for DACA recipients in the next COVID-19 package, as was included in the HEROES Act. We also call on the Senate to take up and pass the American Dream and Promise Act, H.R. 6, to provide Dreamers and their families permanent protections and peace of mind against this Administration's unlawful actions.

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