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The Cities for DACA campaign makes clear that DACA recipients strengthen the social and institutional fabric of our cities by highlighting recipients’ stories and the positive contributions they make to communities across the country, as well as the negative consequences that ending DACA would have nationwide. The campaign also seeks to ensure that DACA recipients and impacted communities have accurate information about the program, and know how to access local and national resources and services.

Resource Guide for DACA Recipients and Impacted Communities

Cities for Action created a toolkit to help keep DACA recipients and impacted communities informed about the current status of the DACA program, light the pathway to resources amid a constantly shifting landscape, and offer tools to both elevate the voices of DACA recipients and impacted community and drive the message that DACA recipients strengthen the social and institutional fabric of the United States.


Updated Toolkit Coming in Fall 2023

In the News

With the aim of uplifting the countless ways DACA recipients strengthen our economies, educate our children, care for our most vulnerable, and enrich the value of what it means to be American, Cities for Action has partnered with local leaders and impacted community members to publish persuasive op-ed testimonials in local and national news outlets. 

Cities for DACA Video Series 

Check out these personal narratives from DACA Recipients to learn how DACA gave them the opportunity to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to their communities.


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