For Immediate Release: January 25, 2017
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The following statement can be attributed to Cities for Action:

“Today’s executive orders do not change who we are or how we govern our cities, and we will fight against attempts to undermine our values and the security of our cities. Representing cities and counties across the country, we are united in our commitment to remain inclusive cities, providing for the public safety of all. As mayors and county executives nationwide have made clear today, we will continue to provide for all in our communities—regardless of where they come from—and work to continue building trust between city residents and law enforcement.” 


C4A Mayors made statements this week, reacting to the President's executive orders that included:

Atlanta, GA Mayor Kasim Reed
“Atlanta is proud to be a welcoming city. We are a community which has stood up for the civil and human rights of every person, and we will not waver now. Atlanta is the leading cultural and economic center of the Southeast precisely because of our legacy of inclusion. My administration is determined to use the full strength of that position to lead with policies that uphold and enhance the civil rights of all our residents, because any threat to our constitutionally guaranteed liberty is a threat to all Atlantans. Our city stands together. We believe the President’s executive orders violate the principles of the U.S. Constitution. We believe these orders promote dangerous public policy, eroding trust between public safety agencies and the communities they serve, which will undermine public safety in the City of Atlanta and nationwide. We believe the courts will agree. As Mayor, I pledge that Atlanta city government will stand firm in its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and will remain open and welcoming to all.”

Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler
"Austin is one of the safest cities in the country partly because we listen to our police chief and our sheriff, and they tell us that the voluntary and warrantless ICE detainer program would make us less safe. Withholding money from cities that do not comply with this voluntary program asks cities how much money they'd take to sacrifice their safety, and our safety is not for sale.”

Birmingham, AL Mayor William A. Bell Sr.
“We are deeply disappointed in the actions of the President today. Our country is built on the backs of immigrants. The very fabric of our nation is predicated on the welcoming and empowering spirit of all Americans and the idea that coming to the United States meant working to build a life of opportunity. Our hope in Birmingham as the cradle of the civil rights movement is that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated today.”

Boston, MA Mayor Martin J. Walsh
"I am deeply disturbed by today's news. We will not back down from our values that make us who we are as a city. We will fight for our residents, whether immigrant or not, and provide the best quality of life for all Bostonians. I will use all of my power within lawful means to protect all Boston residents -- even if that means using City Hall itself as a last resort.”

Carborro, NC Mayor Lydia Lavelle
“Carrboro, North Carolina prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive community. We have many immigrant residents who contribute greatly to the spirit and fabric of our town. As town officials, we are committed to looking out for the safety of all of our residents, and we resolve to continue lawfully and compassionately doing so.”

Chicago, IL Mayor Rahm Emmanuel
“Chicago is going to stay a sanctuary city. There is no stranger among us. We welcome people — whether you’re from Poland or Pakistan, whether you’re from Ireland or India or Israel and whether you’re from Mexico or Moldavia where my grandfather came from. You are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American dream.”

Denver, CO Mayor Michael B. Hancock
“Denver, and cities across the country, have continually looked to and asked for Washington to act on comprehensive immigration reform. Unfortunately, that’s not what we saw today. Instead, communities and families will now be penalized for the Federal Government’s failure to act. The executive orders signed today put our economic security as a nation at risk, and I am deeply disappointed.”

Hempstead, NY Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr.
"President Trump's recent executive orders go against the moral fiber with which our great nation was built, and I wholeheartedly support New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and countless other Mayors throughout the United States in denouncing these acts. The Village of Hempstead has a vibrant, diverse heritage that brings us together in a rich cultural tapestry, and I vow to protect all Village residents—regardless of race, religion or country of origin. As the son of immigrant parents, I have personally witnessed the strength created by a diverse culture of inclusiveness. As Mayor, I have done everything within my power to advocate for all of our residents and ensure that everyone, regardless of citizenship status, has the same opportunities for success.  I, Mayor DeBlasio and leaders from many other communities throughout the country will work together to oppose these executive orders and protect the rights of all people."

Houston, TX Mayor Sylvester Turner
“I know there are a lot of families and children who are afraid and worried right now about what might happen to them. I want them to know that Houston is, and always has been, a welcoming city, where we value and appreciate diversity. HPD is not the Immigration Customs Enforcement. We don’t profile, and we are not going to start profiling people to determine whether they are here illegally. It hasn’t happened under previous mayors, and it will not happen under my administration.”

Jersey City, NJ Mayor Steven Fulop
"We intend to stand by our principles and values as a city. Jersey City was founded as a city of immigrants, and we are unwilling to be part of orders that break families apart or harm immigrants who are in this country."

Long Beach, CA Mayor Robert Garcia
"Long Beach is and will always remain a city that welcomes and supports all people. This country is a nation of immigrants, built by a love of country, family, and community. We are at our best when we treat each other with respect and kindness. We will stand up for all Americans - including hard working immigrants -because that's what makes Long Beach, and America, great."

Los Angeles, CA Mayor Eric Garcetti
“An open, welcoming, and compassionate spirit is not just an ideal that we try to live up to — it's part of the American character. Those are our values in Los Angeles, and we intend to preserve them no matter what happens in Washington, D.C. The safety and well-being of everyone who lives, works in, and visits L.A. will always be our number-one priority. The idea that we do not cooperate with the federal government is simply at odds with the facts. We regularly cooperate with immigration authorities — particularly in cases that involve serious crimes — and always comply with constitutional detainer requests. What we don’t do is ask local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws — and that’s an official LAPD policy that has been enforced for nearly 40 years. That is for everyone’s good, because trust between police and the people they serve is absolutely essential to effective law enforcement. Everyone in L.A. should feel safe stepping forward if they have witnessed a crime or been victimized themselves — and immigration status shouldn’t interfere with the cooperation and partnership we need to keep our neighborhoods safe.”

Madison, WI Mayor Paul Soglin
“The City of Madison will not waver in defending the rights of our people to protect the rights of everyone within our jurisdiction regardless of status. We will not use our local police department to enforce federal immigration laws. The trust between our police department and the people we serve is more important than our violating the constitution and improperly detaining individuals. If we should stop someone for a traffic violation or a misdemeanor, we have no right to compromise their freedom, to detain them, without a lawful court order. We will continue to operate as we have been which is consistent with our fundamental values as a city.”

Montgomery County, MD Executive Isiah Leggett & County Leaders
“Montgomery County is committed to building and maintaining a safe and inclusive community for our residents. Understanding, tolerance, and respect are hallmarks of the Montgomery County way. Social justice for all is what we strive to achieve in our County. We greatly regret the anxiety that has been stoked among many in our community as a result of the President’s Executive Orders. We issue this statement to assure all of our residents that those orders will not change the way that County police officers or County workers interact with the public and will not impact how we provide social services.”

New Haven, CT Mayor Toni N. Harp
“Throughout its history this nation has been a beacon to those who flee oppression and persecution – who seek freedom and opportunity instead; this rash act by a new President seems completely contrary to that ideal. New Haven, one of some 300 ‘sanctuary’ cities, counties, and states nationwide, will continue to embrace residents arriving from wherever they used to live, will work to make them feel welcome and safe, and will act to protect its ability to do so.”

New Orleans, LA Mayor Mitch Landreiu
"The City of New Orleans is a welcoming city, and we will continue to be a place whose racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity contribute to our growing economy, rich culture, resilience, and commitment to equity and inclusion. The NOPD is focused on arresting those who commit violent crimes, not enforcing civil immigration laws. We will continue to do the work we are entrusted with by the people of New Orleans and remain focused on keeping our city and her citizens safe. This makes us safer because it increases trust between the community and law enforcement. Those who commit a crime will be arrested - political theatrics have no bearing on the serious work at hand. Lastly, the NOPD will not be coerced into joining Trump’s deportation army via the 287(g) program. Doing so would require the NOPD to pull officers focused on fighting crime off the street."

New Rochelle, NY Mayor Noam Bramson
“The term “sanctuary city” has no precise definition, and we do not use it in New Rochelle, but we do make absolutely clear that all people of good will are welcomed, valued, and respected in our community, regardless of their origins, and that immigrants are an essential part of New Rochelle’s identity and future.
For our Police Department, maintaining a respectful and mutually supportive relationship with all constituencies in New Rochelle is not just the right thing to do, it is also necessary to the promotion of public safety, which depends on trust and the free flow of information. That is why local police departments are not and should not engage in immigration enforcement – and our practices in New Rochelle reflect and support this principle.
Of course, the New Rochelle Police Department will continue coordinating with federal authorities to apprehend and bring to justice criminals who threaten our safety, regardless of their immigration status.”

New York City, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio
"The president's executive order runs contrary to our values, but the stroke of a pen does not change the people of New York City. We are not going to deport law-abiding New Yorkers. We will not tear families apart. We will not leave children without their parents.
We are not going to undermine the progress the NYPD has made over a quarter century. We believe we are on solid ground for a legal challenge to the executive order should the occasion arise."

Philadelphia, PA Mayor Jim Kenney
“Philadelphia is at the lowest crime rate we've had in 40 years, in no small part because of all our police department has done to strengthen police-community relations. So all of this assertion that somehow sanctuary cities are dangerous places are simply untrue. Our immigrant population is not the source of crime. They are often the victims of crime or the witnesses to crime and driving them underground does not make the city safer - it only serves to destroy the community trust our police department has worked so hard to build. If the federal government obtains a warrant for an individual and asks us to hold them, we will comply. But to have somebody picked up for traffic violations and held for 72 hours against their will without a warrant or charges, to me, flies in the face of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. And punishing cities for trying to effectively police our own communities and for acting constitutionally is wrong.”

Phoenix, AZ Mayor Greg Stanton
“Today the president unleashed a divisive attack on Latinos in Phoenix and around the country. 
The president’s executive orders will not make us safer, but instead will incite fear and chaos for Latinos and immigrants alike. But be assured: We will fight the federal government’s attempt to turn the Phoenix Police Department into a mass deportation force. Building a wall will only tear our economy down and damage relationships with Mexico that today support 100,000 Arizona jobs. Despite today’s unsettling news – and with the anticipation of more harmful policies to come from this Administration – Phoenix will remain a welcoming and diverse city that strives every day to treat residents with dignity and respect, no matter who you are, who you love or where you come from.”

Pittsburgh, PA Mayor William Peduto
"The residents of Pittsburgh stand tonight with cities all across our nation. Pittsburgh was built by immigrants, who came to our city to find work in our steel mills and who forged a better life for their families. Like my grandparents, they came to America for opportunity, and they built America. We stand on their shoulders, and we owe it to them to preserve opportunities for current and future generations. Just as our past was built by immigrants, so too will be our future. Let's be clear: the President's executive order will not make us safer. It will not advance the principles upon which our nation and our cities were founded. It will further divide us as a city and as a nation. Pittsburgh joins tonight with other cities across the country and we stand ready to fight this unprecedented and this unconstitutional act. We will resist, with all powers at our disposal, any attempt to commandeer our local law enforcement officers into a national deportation army. Pittsburgh is, has been, and always will be a welcoming city and a diverse city. It's in our nature. We are a tough city, a blue collar city and a city with a big heart. We will continue to show everyone the respect and compassion they deserve - regardless of who they are, where they're from, who they love or how they found their way to our beloved city."

Providence, RI Mayor Jorge Elorza
“Today’s executive orders do not change what we believe here in Providence. We were founded on the principles of freedom and tolerance, we have always been a city of immigrants coming together to build something amazing. We will continue to maintain our current policy and continue to stand with our residents, regardless of race, place of birth or religion. We will not allow fear and intimidation to change what we believe and we will stand today, tomorrow and throughout the next four years, with every resident of Providence.”

Salt Lake City, UT Mayor Jackie Biskupski
“Confusion is no way to govern, and fear is no way to police. In cities and communities across the nation, including Salt Lake City, President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration has created both. Many local leaders and police chiefs have been left wondering what the Executive Order means for our communities. Worse, many in our immigrant, refugee, and multi-cultural populations are in fear for themselves and their loved ones. While we spend time working through what the Executive Order means for Salt Lake City, I want to be clear on our fundamental beliefs and values and where we operate from today. Salt Lake City is a welcoming community and our police department is an agency charged with protecting the residents of this city, not enforcing federal immigration policy. The Salt Lake City Police Department has a longstanding practice against officers inquiring about the immigration status of those they come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. This practice is central to our community-policing model and will remain unchanged.”

San Francisco, CA Mayor Edwin Lee
“Now is the time for our cities and residents to take care of one another and remain strong in light of the efforts to divide us. We cannot allow for threats and politics to foster mistrust between our neighbors. If what President Trump truly wants is a safer America, then we must continue to fight for and urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

San Jose, CA Mayor Sam Liccardo
“Nothing about the President's executive order will change how San Jose cops police our city. The San Jose Police Department’s longstanding policies relating to immigration enforcement are critical to keeping our community safe. Our police officers must focus their scarce time responding to and investigating violent, predatory and other high-priority crimes – not the enforcement of federal tax laws, federal securities laws, or federal immigration laws. There’s a broad consensus among major city police 
chiefs that having local officers meddle in federal immigration enforcement undermines public safety, and diminishes community trust. We need to ensure that all residents feel comfortable calling 911, reporting crimes, coming forward as witnesses, and testifying in court to help us keep criminals off the street."

Santa Fe, NM Mayor Javier M. Gonzales
“There is no executive order that will ever change the values of inclusivity that have helped our city thrive for more than 400 years, and today’s directive is no exception. We will not retreat from our policy, we are confident in our standing, and we are prepared to fight because we know that welcoming the remnants of a broken federal system is both morally and economically the right thing to do.”

Syracuse, NY Mayor Stephanie Miner
“The resources of the City of Syracuse, including the Syracuse Police Department, are not being used to enforce federal anti-immigrant policies nor are they empowered to do so. We do not intend to change this practice and will scrutinize any proposed changes at the federal level thoroughly. I pledge we will continue Syracuse’s commitment to our New American residents, building the trust and relationships our neighbors deserve and continue to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. Syracuse is now and always will be a City that bids you welcome.”

Travis County, TX Judge Sarah Eckhardt
“Place of birth alone is no indication that a person is a threat to public safety under the criminal laws of Texas or is in violation of immigration laws of the U.S. Under both Texas and U.S. Constitutions, jailers and immigration agents do not determine probable cause to detain a person. Only a judge can make that determination. It’s called a warrant. We must resist those who seek to punish communities that uphold the 4th Amendment prohibition on unwarranted detainer by withdrawing funding for programs that help women, children and veterans. Further, we must not give in to those who engage in the politics of fear at the expense of our deepest held values.”

West Hollywood, CA Mayor Lauren Meister
“In West Hollywood, we treat people — all people — with respect, dignity, and thoughtfulness. President Trump’s executive actions to target sanctuary cities are reprehensible. The West Hollywood City Council has reaffirmed its core values and we have declared that our city will remain a sanctuary city. We will not participate in efforts to deport immigrants living or working in the City.”