Cities For Action's Vision for Immigration Action

On January 19th, 2021, Cities for Action released a document outlining local governments' recommendations to the new Biden Administration and 117th Congress for immigration action entitled, "A Vision for Immigration Action: Local Leaders' Recommendations for Building Inclusive, Equitable, and Resilient Communities for All." The document is accompanied by a letter from local leaders across the country, showing the widespread support for inclusive and humane immigration reform. 

Nationwide, in cities and counties big and small, immigrants are integral members of our communities--they are our teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and family members. Local leaders know that when our immigrant communities thrive, our cities and counties thrive, too. All of our residents benefit from pro-immigrant and inclusive policies. As a result, C4A is urging the Biden Administration and the 117th Congress to implement a bold national strategy for immigrant integration and immigration reform.

Read our full Vision for Immigration Action here.

Read our Letter from Local Leaders here.

Read the press release for more information here.

Share our vision with your networks using our new social media toolkit here.

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